Temple Carrig School

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Temple Carrig School


Project Value
€ 11.5m

Floor Area

Completed 2015

Co. Wicklow


This project involved the construction of a 750 pupil Post Primary School including Special Needs Unit, full sized Hockey Pitch, woodland garden and ball courts on a 4.5ha site with a difference in surface levels from east to west of 23m. The site is located on the Blacklion Road in Greystones adjacent to an existing Primary School Campus. 

The site layout was designed to address the extensive fall across the site the traffic conxditions in the area. As a result, a one-way system was incorporated to maximise the efficiency of the road layout and connection to adjoining roads. The building is located to address both the town and the vehicular entrance from the adjoining Primary School Campus. Pedestrian and cycle links are promoted at key points. The landscape design also cateres for a woodland walk and landscaped hard and soft terraced areas to facilitate external learning as well as socialising. The site is organised in order to encourage community use of the external facilities with independent access to the GP Hall, ball courts and playing field

The school building was designed with a 2-storey aspect to the car park at the main entrance, to a 3-storey element facing towards Greystones village and marina taking advantage of the available views and responds to the physical site requirements. This approach is reflected internally when entering the school, when upon entering the building the visitor is greeted by a large communal GP area with views to the sea. This area is located centrally in the building and forms the heart of the teaching environment. The school possess all the facilities required for a contemporary teaching setting such as construction rooms and equipment, PE hall with gym and changing rooms, special needs teaching spaces and facilities.


Temple Carrig School