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Sacred Heart N.S


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Sacred Heart National School is located at the junction between the New Line and Convent Hill, Roscrea.  The School Building is a new 12 Classroom School on the site of the previous school which has been demolished.

The site is steeply sloping from north to south, and allied with the fact that the old school needed to be operational until the new school was complete, meant that the Project posed many challenges.

The design solution involves setting the school on the north to south axis and thereby using the slope in the site to provide a part single storey, part two storey school.  In a reversal of the existing situation, the vehicular access, set down and parking is located at the northern and higher part of the site, with pedestrian access to the southern and lower end of the site. 

The Childrens play areas are similarly divided, with ballcourts, green areas and play areas at the lower end of the site, separated from the vehicular area of the site by retaining walls.

The main entrance to the School is located at the upper area and this leads to the upper ground floor plan which contains the bulk of the school accommodation.  Stairs and lifts lead to the lower ground floor area and in turn to the play areas.

The existing school remained in operation throughout the build and a careful phasing and transition plan was required.

A bright colour palette both externally and internally is employed which provides a contemporary and modern feel to the School.


Sacred Heart N.S